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Hi! I'm Hannah (aka Tub), I'm a game/multimedia artist creating custom TTRPG content, character commissions and illustrations, creating puppets and avatars, and more!

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FAQ - For those unfamiliar with VRoids!What is VRoid?
VRoid models, or VRoids, are characters built in a program called VRoid Studio. VRoid Studio is a kind of avatar maker, not so different from a character maker in some video games, but far more granular and sophisticated in a lot of ways, mainly the ability to place your own texture files onto the model. Some people call their finished Vroid models 'sculpts,' maybe because you can sculpt intricate custom hair onto the model, and this is very versatile. I highly recommend those interested in a VRoid commission or are simply curious try to make one yourself first! (Who knows, you might be good at it!)
Why make or use VRoid models?
There are a lot of benefits! And some mild limitations and caveats. But for the most part, Vroid models come with a lot of plus-sides.
VRoid models are a way to get relatively high-quality 3D characters without requiring a ton of 3D knowledge and experience. For 2D artists wanting to expand our horizons, it's a fantastic way for us to dip our toes, practice making textures for 3D. We don't have to worry too much about building a character from scratch (modeling, sculpting, creating bone structures and weight-painting, UV unwrapping, etc.). Being a great 2D and texture artist, with maybe a little bit of 3D experience, goes a long way with VRoid.VRoid models are flexible, and can be used in a lot of different ways. VRoid models are becoming increasingly popular with VTubers (Youtube and streaming personalities who use avatars or characters instead of their real-life appearance, usually with the added context of being an idol), VRChat users (or any game or program that may allow custom avatars, potentially), MMD creators, and I'm sure there are many more uses-- I predict we'll start seeing VRoids in smaller game projects before long! Lots of programs are now made specifically for or to include .VRM files, the file-type VRoid Studio exports its models as.One caveat to VRoid Studio is that once a .VRM is exported, there's no bringing it back into VRoid Studio. VRoid Studio only reads a special type of raw character file, .vroid, not .VRMs. If you take a .VRM, edit it in something like Unity, you cannot make any changes afterwards in Vroid Studio itself, you have to go back to your last save of your VRoid before you exported. So it's very easy to end up re-doing lots of work, if something isn't quite right.Is a VRoid model what I want/need?
So, as mentioned above, VRoid models do come with limitations, at least, if you're not savvy in Unity or 3D modeling software. Mainly, Vroid models are fairly confined to their very anime appearance. Since VRoid is not an actual sculpting or modeling program, but an avatar creation software, you are limited to a set of parameters and presets. Don't get me wrong, you can get REALLY creative within those confines, but if your desired outcome is outside of that, it will be much harder and take more programs to achieve it. It's not impossible, but it's not easy.
If you don't like very anime-styled models, VRoid may not be the right way to go. If you want something less humanoid, VRoid may not be the way to go. My best recommendation is, again, get VRoid Studio and see what's possible for yourself, or browse VRoid Hub* and see what both typical and even more complex models tend to look like. Watch VRoid sculpts on Youtube. See what's possible, get inspired, or see if there are better options for your desired model.*Some models on VRoid Hub are not actually VRoid models, they are outside models turned into .VRMs, likely through the VRoid Unity SDK. These do not exemplify the abilities of VRoid Studio. Or, some models are a bit of a hybrid of VRoid Studio and other programs.

COMMISSION INFORMATIONYou must agree to the TOS below before commissioning me.I now exclusively do commissions through my, Ko-fi, and Stripe. I will not accept payments through PayPal or other services at this time.Slots & Wait ExpectancyI only ever have two slots open at a time. Once these slots are filled, my commissions will be considered closed until one or both slots reopen. I chose two slots for the time being to avoid long wait periods between payment and receiving the final product.On average, a VRoid model will take me a little under a week to make, but this timeframe is not guaranteed and varies, based on the complexity of the model and what is requested. But generally, if you are in the first slot, expect a full week before completion, and for second slot, two or more.WaitlistIn case both slots are filled for an extended time/consistently, or demand for models is unusually high, I will employ a waitlist system that is first-come-first-serve. It costs nothing to be on the waitlist. Whoever is at the top of the waitlist will be contacted as soon as a slot is made available. As there is no guarantee that your commission will be taken after being on the waitlist, there is no penalty for deciding to exit the waitlist if you change your mind. The purpose of the waitlist is only to give potential commissioners who are willing to wait some priority.To be placed on the waitlist, please message me on Twitter, Discord, or email me at [email protected]
I will reply with your spot on the waitlist and an estimate of the possible wait time.
PricingPrices vary based on the complexity of the model. These prices are approximate, and an exact quote will be provided while discussing the commission in question.

Face + Body
Basic Unity (Texture Opacity)X
Animal EarsX
Tails + WingsXX
Extended Unity (moving weights, animated textures, accessories, etc.)XX
Alternate Outfits+$20-$60
Alternate Hairstyles+$30-$60
NSFW/18+ Version+$60-75
Hair only+$40-60
Outfit only+$50-75

How pricing works:Prices are decided by a combination of factors, mainly, time, detail, and how many separate programs am I using to create the end product. If the product can be made in VRoid Studio and Photoshop alone, then the cost is likely much lower. If I need to use Unity for any reason (VRoid Studio doesn't support gradient transparency, animated textures, or changing how the model's bones and weights relate to each other), then the cost will be a little higher, and the model takes more time to complete.When I use VRoid, I'm constantly challenging myself to use no defaults, presets, or color sliders. I try to hand-paint as many possible elements as possible, for the best outcome. I aim for models to appear fully customized and individual!What to expect:Commissioners can expect frequent progress updates with high quality renders of the model, detail shots, short videos of the model in motion or from certain angles, and other contact for decision-making points or opinions.Once the model is, for all intents and purposes, completed, you will receive a final opportunity to request minor changes (major changes should have been requested before this point-- please be sure that you truly are satisfied with each update), and then asked if the model is acceptable. Once agreed upon as being satisfactory, the final files (a .VRM file, a .vroid file, and any other possible relevant files) will be given to the commissioner. Once the commissioner has these files, the commission is considered complete. Please closely read the TOS and show that you understand my policies around model completion!What to provide:- Preferred contact details and preferred method of payment. For commissions valuing over $100, a payment plan may be arranged. Full payment is required before recieving the final files, however.
- A detailed written description or list of features you want on your model. Spare no detail, be as long-winded as you need! The more you can tell me, the more accurate I can be. This will also help me provide a price quote.
- Any image references. This can be photos, drawings, color palettes, any inspiration what-so-ever. Send as many images as are relevant to your desired model as possible.
- What purpose will your model fill? You don't have to disclose this necessarily, but knowing the purpose of the model can help me to optimize it.
- For NSFW: Some form of proof that you are 18+. Ko-fi and require users to be 18 years of age and older. NOTE: when commissioning adult content, do not leave notes on payments with details about the commission. Do not mention or imply that your commission is considered adult, NSFW, 18+, etc. If no note is necessary, then don't feel obliged to leave one at all, but if you must leave a note, make it vague and only provide the most necessary descriptors. Most payment platforms are still skittish about adult content and will freeze accounts at the drop of a pin. Be careful!

TERMS OF SERVICE (VROID COMMISSIONS)All terms from my regular TOS apply for the most part. By commissioning me you agree to all of the prior and following terms.NOTE: I cannot currently make...
- Mechs or robots with sharp, angular, or particularly non-human designs. (i.e. I can paint the model to have robotic elements, but cannot change the inherent shape of the model yet.)
- Toony or realistic anthros/furries with muzzles, paws, or digitigrade legs, for similar reasons as stated above.
- PMX/PMDs that are ready for MMD. I've made exactly one and I'm not entirely happy with the results yet or the workflow. It is passable, but not the quality I strive for. I have a lot of work to do before I will be comfortable offering this as an additional service.
As I learn more about modeling and editing VRoids, these may change, but at this time, I can only make certain modifications.I WILL NOT MAKE VROID MODELS OF:
- Racist caricatures or stereotypes
- Child, or child-like characters of any kind
- Excessive gore, mutilation, or brutalization
- Historic figures and real people (who are not the commissioner)
- Cop or military characters (fantasy or fiction inspired apparel are generally acceptable)
- Characters from copyright protected IPs (This is tricky and possibly case-by-case. Making profits from the likeness of some characters is risky and dubious.)*
*I have made VRoids as a form of fanart but made no money from these models, and they exist only as a form of practice and for my personal enjoyment, not profit.I may turn down a commission and refuse to make a proposed model for any reason.WHAT I CAN/WILL MAKE:
- Original characters or fan characters
- Avatars for personal and/or professional use (VTube Constent/Streaming/VRChat/MMD/etc.)
- 'kawaii'/anime-like furries/fursonas with ears, tails, or wings.
- NSFW models*
* Be prepared to prove that you are 18+ before commissioning a NSFW model. By commissioning adult work, you agree that the model will only be seen by other adults and not shown to people under the age of 18.Clients MAY NOT resell or redistribute a model and/or its associated files under any circumstance.What about merchandise or products?
If a client wishes to use screenshots or renders of their model for merchandise, prints, or some kind of product, I ask that this be discussed with me in advance.
While I own all of my work and I may use models as examples and for portfolio display (unless requested otherwise), I will never resell a commissioned model nor use commissioned models for continued profit outside of the commission itself.I am not responsible for those who commission models and then edit or replace the textures I have provided. I only claim my own texture work for example and portfolio purposes, and textures made or edited by others do not reflect my skills or values in any way. If a model is not on my Vroid Hub page, page, or here, then it is not representative of me or my work.Commissioners agree upon recieving their .VRM and .vroid files that they are satisfied!
The only exception to this being that small flaws that escaped notice during progress reports be pointed out and corrected for no extra fees, all commissioners who receive these final files have been shown the progress and have decided they are happy with the results. Under no circumstances will I: redo a model from scratch without further payment, make a model for free without payment outside of special offers, or offer full/partial refunds for completed models.

These links are 18+ Only!

If you are not at least 18 years old, please do not visit these sites! They are intended for mature audiences. If you interact with these accounts and are deemed to be underage, you will be blocked!


The best way to commission me is through!

My practices and Policies have changed recently. Please read everything thoroughly if you are interested in commissions!- Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning.
- I do not use PayPal for payments anymore, due to their policies and procedures. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
- I now exclusively operate through Ko-fi and
- If you would like to commission me through Ko-fi, please don't send me money first, contact me ahead of time. Thanks!

Terms of ServiceBy commissioning me you agree to all of the following terms.OWNERSHIP
- I maintain the rights to my work in any form as well as the right to stream, post, or otherwise share commissions to my social media for advertising. Pieces made under special circumstances and request may be excluded from this.
- Clients may print their commission for personal use, but may NOT reprint the commission for profit.
- Clients may crop/resize and make minor edits (like adding a filter) to their commissions, but may not use the commission as a base for their own artwork.
- Clients may post their commissions to their own websites/social media, but must be credit the piece to myself, with a link to one of my websites/social media.
- Clients MAY NOT RESELL the work in question, in any form, without a commercial license.
- MY WORK MAY NEVER BE RESOLD AS NFTs. I will never make work with the purpose to be used for minting NFTs.
-Work commissioned for commercial purposes (outside of any scenarios listed above) will be required to purchase a Commercial License in addition to the agreed upon commission fees.
- Full payment is required up-front. This may be negotiated for high-value commissions (i.e. $100+).
- Refunds: I will offer a full refund for commissions I have not started (i.e. should I or the commissioner need to cancel) and a partial refund for those that I have already begun but not completed (NO REFUNDS for finished works).
- Original and Fan Characters
- Fanart (Most IPs, but not all. This is case-by-case.)
- Furry/Anthro
- Mech/Robot
- Please be in some way prepared to provide proof of age. MUST be 18+ to commission NSFW content.
- Vore, macro, micro, inflation.
- gore/guro, necro, excessive blood, or otherwise gruesome content.
- scat/coprophilia, vomit/emetophilia, urine, or other excessive bodily excrement.
- non-consensual scenarios.
- Hateful, discriminatory, or otherwise bigoted content.
- Content that involves characters that are OR APPEAR underage in compromising/adult scenarios.
I may turn down a proposed commission for any reason.